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Our Team

Our dedicated staff members include:


Dr. Angela Smith, D.V.M., M.P.H.

Dr. Angela Smith was born in Toronto and has lived in Mount Albert since 2004.   She obtained her veterinary degree at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in 2001 after completing her Bachelors of Science degree. Dr. Smith recently obtained her Masters degree in Public Health at the University of Guelph in 2013.

Dr. Smith’s professional interests include public health, feline medicine, ophthalmology and emergency medicine.  She has worked at the Emergency Clinic of York Region for over 12 years. One of the best things Dr. Smith enjoys about being a vet is the ability to educate her clients about how to reduce the risk of exposure to zoonotic and other infectious diseases that their pets could be exposed to and those which have the potential to affect human health. Providing optimal pet health in turn can contribute to the health and well being of all members of the family. 

When not at the clinic, she enjoys spending time with David and the kids, her cats Sydney and Titus, and family dog  Zoe. She enjoys golf, swimming and gardening. One of her dreams is to have the opportunity to travel to other countries with Veterinarians without Borders where her veterinary medical and public health knowledge can contribute to the overall health of various world communities.



Tricia Morton 

Tricia is a life-long East Gwillimbury resident.  She was born and raised on a local family farm and continues to live on a horse farm just a short drive away.  Tricia has her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Guelph and has worked as a veterinary technician for over 20 years. 

By working at the EG Veterinary Hospital Tricia has returned to 'her roots'.  Her Mom and Grandmother were raised on farms less than a mile away and used to buy their groceries and stamps at the store that was originally at this location.  It was on the family farm that Tricia first developed her love of animals, both big & small.  Although she is no longer riding horses as 'the girls' fit much better in her car!  

She has a strong interest in animal behaviour and tries to make every animal experience at EG Veterinary Hospital a positive one. 

Tricia shares her home with 'the girls', her 3 dogs Coupe, Rye & Kix and 'the boys', her 2 cats Jeff and the elusive, rarely photographed Dougie!


Chelsea Drinkle, RVT

Chelsea was born and raised in Mount Albert (more specifically, Holt). She has had a passion for animals ever since she was young. In April of 2015 she graduated the Pre-Health program at Seneca college which helped her gain acceptance into the Veterinary Technician Program. During her studies, she worked at East Gwillimbury Veterinary Hospital and from doing so, she has gained amazing guidance and support from Dr. Angela, Tricia, Jenn and Kelly. In June of 2017 she successfully graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program and is now a fully certified Registered Veterinary Technician.

In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs Tia and Sophie and her 3 cats Clyde, Chloe, and Zoe. She also enjoys camping and spending time with her family.


Sarah Joseph, RVT

Sarah graduated from St. Lawrence College in 2005 with a Veterinary Technology diploma and is now a Registered Veterinary Technician with the OAVT. She has been working in a neighbouring town clinic for the past 13 years.

When Sarah is not at work she is balancing out a busy life caring for her two active children, Tristan and Leah, and four talkative cats, Elvis, Cinder, Hobbles and Luna.

In the spare moments Sarah enjoys reading, watching movies and game nights with friends. 


Animal Care Attendants

Sara Potter

Sara loves working with small and large animals, she has had a passion for animals ever since she was young. Sara has been riding at Harrogate Hills here in Mount Albert since she was 6 years old. Currently, She owns three cats Oscar, Felix, and Theo and a dogs Hanna and Piper.  She graduated from high school in 2014 and has her sights on being a Registered Veterinary  Technician in the future. 

















"Quality Control Officer" (Clinic Cat)


This lovely girl was a stray here in Holt and stole our hearts immediately.  After searching and no one claiming her she has now become the top member of our team!  Luna was a perfect patient and allowed us to do a full check-up, microchipping, dewormed and vaccines.  Once we received the blood results back (which were all normal) the only thing left to do was spay our beauty.  She recovered very well and has settled in nicely.  You will see her roaming around the clinic so do be sure to say Hello to her!